Two virulent myths embedded in the age of forgotten royalties had to be dispelled today. They had been hanging around the clutterfuk region of mine and some-close-to me's-heads and I had to quell their burning-ness. I will describe them in terms of how they were told to me/or how people continue to retell them

Myth 1:" A long time ago there was a Spanish King in Barcelona and he had a lisp and so to make him feel better everyone in Barcelona talks with a lisp and this is why they pronounce Barcelona as Barthelona."

Myth 2: (Usually starts as a question and someone concludes that yes indeed it occurred) "Didn't some Queen die by getting fucked by a horse." and the response goes "Yeah I think she liked to perform for people by fucking a horse for guests, and one time it just....pow"

Myth 1 and 2: Both true, weird huh? on another NOTE 1 and NOTE 2

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