Hard Times, Harder Drives

Just in case you didn't know (not saying you don't), Computers are not indestructible. Below is a picture of me with my hard drive, a hard drive that contains about 100gb of the finest b-sides, demos and other obscure things that you wouldn't ever have heard about unless I personally informed you about, 4 years of art school documentation, 4 years of art shows big or small (mostly big), and 5 months of a neatly documented trip to Australia, plus irreplaceable memories which I recently pondered my kid (proverbial) might have the pleasure of setting eye on. Now I know what you're thinking, "I'm not dumb enough to not back up my shit, stooopit" (double negative). But, shit, 500gb of external hard drive space costs about 100 buck nowadays and you can get like a mile of bubble wrap for about the same, maybe some nike shox for 130 and a waterproof goretex jacket for the same. Having your life saved on a digital device is dicey, back it up or suffer in yer jocks. Fuck me.

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