Friday the 13th

Today zeemz like a good day for one of these things, avoided all responsibility sitting in my mostly unfurnished house. Went and picked up my second ever sugarfree powerade, its basically the only non-carbonated bevvy I can drink without crankin' the blood sugar sex magic, its not good or anything but its better than my diet coke, word. Ordered the new Wrnlrd album, Myrmidon, regrettably from the states again which means i'll have to wait a month and a half for it (---***order records from uk***---). Found this little gem from back in the day when a few of us made a skate flick. Not included is the part where we did the milk challenge in my basement or really any of the stuff I would really really like to see again.

This was right when CKY came out and jumping off of things was so fucking coool!

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